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Iran Will Not be Drawn to the US Game Feld in Afghanistan/The Afghani People’s Capacity is Enough to Eliminate Taliban

Iran Will Not be Drawn to the US Game Feld in Afghanistan/The Afghani People’s Capacity is Enough to Eliminate Taliban

The reality is that Taliban who came to power over Afghanistan in a tamper with the US failed to have any national, regional or international legitimacy and this could bring further complications for the governance of this war- mongering group.

In a writing to Negaheno the head of the center for archives and strategic studies for West Asia, Ahmad Rouhallah -rad said: “On Saturday news broke out of the clashes that took place between the I.R. Iran guards at the border with a group of militias ruling Afghanistan (Taliban) in the border region( Makeki) which led to the killing of two Iranian guardsmen and injury of several other Iranian citizens. The severe but controlled reaction of the Iranian guards led to heavy losses to the Taliban militia men (12 died and 32 injured) but the question remains what are the root causes of these tensions?
And how should Iran react to this?The reality is that Taliban came to power over Afghanistan in a tamper with the US while failing to have any form of national, regional or even international legitimacy and this will complicate the future of its governance.
The boycott and sanctioning of Afghan assets by the west led by US is one of Taliban’s dire problems in administering the country that could aggravate their incompetence and mobilize Afghans against Taliban. Another point to remind here is lack of a single decision within Taliban structure this also has led each commander to decide by itself while not being approved by Taliban leadership council. On the other hand, considering all the internal and regional as well as international changes which are moving towards expansion in all political, economic, military and security areas that is not in favor of the down sliding hegemony of the west led by the US thus, with regards to the important role of Iran in forming a new tripartite hegemony by Iran( Iran, Russia and China), it is part of the agenda of the west to involve Iran with security clashes ( like involving Russia in Ukraine and China with Taiwan)
.It so appears that the west intends to draw Iran into security crisis in the eastern part of the country by taking hostage the Afghan assets and also by exerting pressure through sanctions against them as a winning token. The informal reports that the border clashes between Taliban and Iran occurred right after the undeclared meeting between Taliban ministry of defense, Mohammd Yaghoub and US commanding officials in Bagram is an indication of itself.It seems that the US is encouraging Taliban against the interests and security of Iran by promising them with certain grants and privileges.
A firm and serious reaction against any form of insecurity and threat is the legal duty of the security guards and admired by the people of Iran but it should be noted that some of the recommendations that encourage for such actions such as exerting heavier and wider military strength, the expulsion of Afghan refugees, closing off the food transit roads to the people of Afghan etc.…fail to be wise and will go against the sublime causes and would in practice draw Iran into the game played by the west and the enemies of Iran.
It should be considered that Taliban is in no position to challenge the power and might of Iran as Iran has many capacities to omit Taliban from its ruling position in Afghanistan and it would be enough to activate this capacity within Afghanistan in particular, that it is especially simpler for Iran to support these capacities than the Gaza strip that is under full siege.


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