Negaheno speaking with the American analyst:

America’s Return to Failure; The Costly Retreats

America’s Return to Failure; The Costly Retreats

Even if America wants to it no longer stands in a position to determine the regional and global equations and changes nor does it hold its previous influence for changing the game rules.”

This is part of the statement of Mark Glenn, the American political analyst and founder of the solidarity movement of the red cross and the red crescent speaking with Negaheno.Mark Glenn believes Biden’s US is very much different from the previous era and of course this is not merely related to Biden being elected rather, it is the result of the new regional and global changes as well as dissociation of the US society.

This US approach and failure also alerted the Saudis and forced them to adopt new policies which would guarantee their political stability without merely relying on the US.The Riyadh- Tehran agreement encouraged by the Chinese changed the political arrangements in the region and justifies the reason behind the anger of the Americans over this agreement.

he future of the region will be a future away from Washington’s unilateralism and Israel’s bullying, especially that Israel is trapped in deep internal challenges as they see that the only way to securing themselves is severing tensions within and around the region.


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