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Why Does France’s Unrests Continue?

Why Does France’s Unrests Continue?

Negeheno special report:Why Does France’s Unrests Continue? Paris is Surrounded by Challenges These days France is grappling with many problems and the protests followed by the death of a 17-year-old youth shot dead by the police has worsened the situation for Macron’s administration more than before.According to Negeheno report, ten areas in France have taken an orange state for the storms.

Following heavy rainfalls some areas in southern parts of France are facing flood. The people’s situation in the storm hit and flood stricken -areas is quite critical.
The rights advocates by boldening the terrorist attacks at the Bataclan theatre in France try to sanctify the police force so that their approach towards the death of Nahel, the 17-year-old boy who was shot dead by police during check point will not be undermined.The government’s advocates are trying to exonerate the police for its violence and are trying to reach this goal by releasing fabricated news.

France’s former foreign security chief offers recommendations in order to set France free from these crises.The issue of the mayor of the city of Bezier’s dissatisfaction for marriage of a 24-year-old Algerian who is facing deportation has made a lot of repercussions. Moreover, the Algerians believe that the recent unrests in France is their right due to the past colonialization. The political activists in France are concerned that with all these unrests created following the death of Nahel the police violence will continue.

The political activists demand the repeal of a law that was ratified in 2017 which eased the legal situation for the police force to use guns.

Following the conflicts between France and Germany this time France is accusing Germany of a double hypocrisy with regards to the issue of energy. While Germany denies a ccepting nuclear energy as a clean energy it is clear now that this country has allowed the entry of an extensive amount of nuclear energy into the country.

The recent upheaval in France which was followed by the cancellation of many political programs in France has led to the undermining of the France’s image in Europe since the emergence of crises due to the economic reforms.While there are many rumors regarding the reforms in the France’s cabinet and in particular, in changing the prime minister but Emanuel Macron has not delivered any statements in this regard. The UN convention on the elimination of racial discrimination is concerned that the killing of Nahel the 17-year-old youth by the police in France is impartial.

This committee has requested France to prevent all forms of racial approaches by the Police force. Deputy National legislative assembly of France, Marine Le Pen, has warned on the expansion of riots to other smaller cities and suburbs. She once again criticized the immigration policies of the government and said I have repeatedly warned on its consequences before.


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