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A Defined Project for the Government of Sweden? Preventing the Expansion of Islam in Europe

A Defined Project for the Government of Sweden? Preventing the Expansion of Islam in Europe

Preventing the Expansion of Islam in Europe Despite strong reactions from the Islamic communities for permitting Quran burning and the negative reaction of the people of Sweden, the government of Sweden has repeated its permission to burning the Holy Quran in that country.

According to Negaheno report it appears that the reason for Sweden’s action in issuing anti -religious and anti-Islamic permits in the name of freedom should be searched for in other areas.Selwan Momika, an Iraqi immigrant set a copy of the Holy Quran on fire in front of the central mosque in the capital city of Sweden.
He is well known for his immorality and is known to be one of the field leaders against the government of Iraq. According to some reports this person cooperates with the intelligence services in the West specially with MOSSAD.
His Quran burning coincided with the comprehensive attack launched by the Israeli army against the Jenin Camp in the occupied Palestine that diverted the public opinion from the crimes that were perpetrated in Jenin. After that, two other suspicious events took place in Sweden and for the first time it was announced that the Torah, the Jewish Holy book was to be burned but the person who had the intension declined to do so and had told the authorities of the Israel embassy that he had no such intension but the Zionists had already shouted out “Anti-Semitism”.
In the second attempt which took place a few days ago, a man wearing a full beard while he was holding the photo of Ayatullah Khameniei, the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran set The Torah on fire. This is when the leader of the Islamic revolution firmly believes that all the divine books are sacred and he is fully against such attempts. It so appears that under the influence of the Zionism, the West is seriously in fear of Islam’s expansion both in terms of quality and quantity.
Currently, the population of the world of Islam equals to over 2 billion people i.e., over 25% of the global population and it is anticipated that out of every 3 Swedish person there is one Muslim. There is this possibility that the population of the Muslims in some EU member countries will triple by 2050.
Considering the speed of Islamism in the European countries experts believe that after every anti- Islamic attempt these measures not only fail to prevent the expansion of Islam but it would even encourage more communities towards Islam.


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