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 Analysing ISIS terrorist attack in Shiraz/ timing, place and the domestic, regional and international reasons

 Analysing ISIS terrorist attack in Shiraz/ timing, place and the domestic, regional and international reasons

The terrorist attack in Shiraz was a reaction to Iran’s achievements in the diplomacy area and the release of Iran’s money that was blocked and was to deviate the public opinion from those achievements.

According to Negaheno report failures in the terrorist’s attacks in the first ten days of Muharram which led the enemy to hold blind operations due to the vigil security forces made them operate in a place that is usually open to the public with the least security.

ISIS seeks to revenge from the nation of Iran who fought against them in the form of defending the holy shrine and destroyed their self- made rule and so try to take revenge from the people of Iran on behalf of the US and the Zionist regime in the holy and spiritual places.

The US with the help of its allied countries that had promised the toppling of the Islamic system of Iran last year and who have failed are now pursuing to bring insecurity and tension among the public on the anniversary of their failure.

The critical situation in Israel, the protests and strikes of some of the European countries and failing in the Ukraine war has forced the dominant system to conduct terrorist actions in the safe and stable country of Iran, actions that intend to divert the world public opinion from the internal situation of the Zionist regime and in the western countries.

 The dominant system is pursuing unrest and rising of tensions in the coming months in Iran for they have failed to do so in the past recent months.

The enemy is trying to prepare the grounds for giving hope to a few who are influenced by the foreign media and getting themselves ready to rise tensions and riots by this terrorist attack in the holy Shrine in Shiraz.

 The heavy strike on Ashraf 3 base in Albania and the arrests of the leaders of the hypocrite terrorists in Iran has made ISIS to conduct this terrorist action in the holy shrine on behalf of countries supporting the MKOs.


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