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Martyr Sayyed Ruhollah Ajamian

Martyr Sayyed Ruhollah Ajamian

Martyr Sayyed Ruhollah Ajamian was born on 20th of Bahman 1374 in Kohdasht of Lorestan province.

He was martyred during the free riots and insecurity of Karaj-Qazvin in Behesht Sakineh (S) area of Karaj with various blows and knives of rioters.According to the Chief Justice of Alborz province, a number of tagrag and bobtail who used knives, machete, boxing claws and stones were involved in the martyrdom of Sayyed Ruhollah Ajamian on Thursday, November 12, in Kamalshahr Karaj. The rioters attack him and kick his bodyThey cut his heart with a few blows from the back and insert the knife from his waist to his stomach. They drag his body on the ground and throw it under the truck. They leave his half-dead and half-naked body in the street and don’t even let anyone approach him for help.


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