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A few key points on the Security MOU between Bahrain and the USA

A few key points on the Security MOU between Bahrain and the USA

On Wednesday the US and Bahrain signed a security and strategic economic agreement. US secretary of state, Antony Blinken announced that this agreement will extend defense and intelligence collaboration between the two countries.

According to Negaheno report this agreement is based on counter-attacking “external threats”.

 Apparently, the word “external” refers to transregional threats and intends to show it does not include threat from Iran but it clearly states that although it differs from the Abraham Accord and the Naghb meeting but it has shared objectives with them.

 Second, this agreement is not limited to the US and Bahrain and other middle east friends can also join them.

Since, from one hand there is defined agreement between the like- minded countries in the geographic periphery (not the Persian Gulf countries) and from another hand, the joint objective agreement is formed with the Abraham Accord which has made it possible for Israel to join the agreement and in practice it intends to establish regional intelligence regime led by the US minus Iran in the region.

Third, this agreement is not on the same level as the article 5 of the NATO Treaty and so it will not be able allow its members to spontaneously react in case of external threats. Hence, it differs from the agreement made between the US and KSA but the level of decision making is held by the highest political position.

Naturally, this agreement has no commonality with the local community security regime plan which is initiated by Iran and is also included in the Hormuz peace plan and is also in contrast with the strategic interests of China.


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