Special report:The Nobel Peace Prize:

From the standards for winning the prize to advancing behind the scene goals

From the standards for winning the prize to advancing behind the scene goals

The Nobel Peace Prize was intended to reduce the guilty conscience of Alfred Nobel who was called “Merchant of death”.

He who was the inventor of dynamite and was called “merchant of death” introduced Nobel Peace Prize in order to reduce his bad reputation.According to Negaheno report for years the standards for a person to win the prize has remained confidential and only the US and MOSSAD Intelligence services are informed. Alfred could wipe out the disgrace of manufacturing dynamite and death trade from the world memory but the nominees for winning this prize have made the world realize how political this prize is.

The previous experiences and the nominees who win the Nobel Peace Prize have clearly shown how far this prize is dedicated to people with political nature and potential influence in other countries. Nobel is also having the same fate as Oscar and other prizes that are with the intention of putting under pressure those countries that have social and political standards that are different from those of the US. Generally, the nominees are selected from those who are against a political structure.

Most of the nominees not only favor the US and its policies but also, they try to bring themselves closer to Nobel Prize by showing a negative image of their own countries so that they could legitimize their opposition and be supported by the US affiliate international organizations.The mission of such people is also quite clear; to transform into a political brand, obtaining an immunity in order to advance behind the scenes goals. Last year the prize had an anti -Russian nature. An individual and two so -called human rights institutions who had already won the NED prize from the US won the Nobel Prize. One of the founders of NED, Allen Weinstein said: “Many of the works that we do today we did confidentially through the CIA 25 years ago”.

After calling Alfred Nobel the merchant of death for inventing dynamite he dedicated Nobel Prize as a way to reduce his bad reputation. But his successors sometimes leave a dark report of themselves when choosing the winners for the prize. For example, in 1918 Fritz Haber won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for finding ammoniac.

He used his method for making mass scale chemical weapons used in the WWI and defended it until his death.By granting the Nobel Peace Prize to people like Henry Kissinger, Isaac Robin Yasser Arafat, Barak Obama, the European Union and Shirin Ebadi and this year’s winner, it seems unlikely that the soul of the inventor of dynamite would really rest in peace.

Those who have been chosen to receive the Nobel Prize are the main suspects for killing, destruction and corruption in their own countries and communities


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