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Great Victories on Saturday/ the Most Successful Operations Since 1948

Great Victories on Saturday/ the Most Successful Operations Since 1948

The Al-AQSA operation shocked and surprised the friends before the foes. This was the greatest and most successful military operation since 1948.

In this operation Palestine resistance have benefitted from every equipment existing in the classic and advanced wars and have used them to surprise the enemy.

According to Negaheno report we are not exaggerating when we say we have to analyze the mind of those who have designed this extensive operation so that they would be benefitted in better using the minds of mankind, for the Gaza resistance militias chose the operation day exactly coinciding with the holidays of the Zionist regimes and right after the October 1973 war anniversary.

While the Zionists were enjoying their holidays, Palestine resistance shot tens of rockets towards the occupied lands so to convince the enemies this time only the rockets will be used. These explosions were a coverup for another great incident that would change the conflict trend between Palestine and the Zionist regime.

Palestine resistance have opened up the gates of hell to the Zionist regime, attacking the settlement areas taking many of the settlers as prisoners, attacking the military barracks and taking their military vehicles, destroying all that they could carry to Gaza and also taking captive many of the Zionist regime military forces. Besides all this there was a direct attack operation against the Zionist regime military sites either by unmanned airplanes or by the parachuters.

Palestine resistance gained tremendous victories in three areas:

Intelligence area: The Zionist regime has over the past years invested billions of dollars in the intelligence areas and has put to focus the Gaza strip through drones stationed at air level. This is in addition to some of the spies of the Zionist regime who are stationed within the Gaza strip. Despite such huge investments this regime failed to even find the smallest information about this great attack that was planned by the Palestine resistance.

It is believed that training for this great operation took place inside the tunnels and the resistance had dominance over wire and mobile communication networks.

In cooperation with its allies both in Lebanon and in Iran the resistance invested, learned and developed itself in particular that during the past recent months Iran has managed to infiltrate the internal section of the Zionist regime and to benefit from their disputes and to gain highly confidential information and images. These aids could have helped dominate over the progress in the information areas of the Palestine resistance.

One of the boldest attempts of Hamas at intelligence level in recent years was failing to intervene in the fights between the Islamic Jihad and the Zionist regime. It appears that Hamas undertook in what is called “a strategic deception” within political science. It so appears that if it did intervene at that time then many of the details of the military operations and surprise elements which we witness today would have been revealed then.

Military -field area: Up to the time of writing this article the Gassam group have shot over 7000 rockets and unlike previous operations the statistics have shown that many of the rockets have managed to infiltrate the iron dome and this has led to many human and material damage among the Zionist regime.

What makes the Al-AQSA storm exceptional is that Hamas began documenting operations of snipers against tanks, military vehicles and Zionist soldiers. This is an important advancement. for these films showed bombs that were thrown against military vehicles from Quadcopters. The use of such airplanes and their use in battles changes the future image of conflicts with the Zionists for the resistance has proved that it is able to achieve its goals without nullifying the Quadcopters by the enemies.

This battle also showed how the resistance uses the drones for ariel coverage of the resistance soldiers on land. Another key change is the use

of parachuters by the Gassam group in the battle and the way they are used for controlling the military barracks of the Zionist regime.

Strategic area: The extensive operation of the resistance forces against the Zionist regime indicates that the Zionist regime will remain in a shock for at least several weeks and this operation would change the rules of conflict in the future.

Despite having threatened to launch war on the Gaza strip, the Zionist regime is well aware that who ever launches this operation will expect the worst. Thus, if the Zionist regime intends to begin a war, the resistance and its allies are ready to fight back.

One should not forget the strategic results of the resistance at political level for they have shown the weaknesses and defeat of their enemy to all those who wish to have a normalization of relations with them.

This stream will also reveal the real positions of the countries; in dealing with the issue of Palestine the Western countries have once against shown their wrong criteria for their double standards. This operation has also shown that the most loyal and strongest ally of the cause of Palestine is indeed the people and the supreme leader of Iran.

Iran and all its officials have supported this trend. Iran’s support is due to the strategic anticipation of Ayatullah Khameniei who anticipated the future and a few days ago he stated that “Gone will be the Zionist regime” and is now in the dying mode.

On the other side, we believe that the Hamas fighters should not submit under any form of pressure for stopping the military operations for these efforts is taking place with the aim of sending down the Zionist regime out of the dead end. These efforts also remind of the 1973 short- term ceasefire where the Zionist regime used that ceasefire for strengthening its might at land and to gain thousands of arms from the Western countries and the US and for this reason the Gassam group know well and so are trying to deepen the wounds of the enemy.

Finally, it should be said that the resistance operation against the Zionist regime has been one of the boldest incidents in all the areas since 1948 and has proven to the world that Palestine and the Palestinians are owners of the land who are able to regain their occupied lands.

Palestine resistance has benefited from all the cooperation areas with the resistance group and has endeavored to benefit from such achievements in the battle and this is exactly what helps victory in every strategic ,military and intelligence dimensions .The champions of resistance will press hard to return their land and to revive their rights and will rewrite the true history.

Mohammad Ali Senobari, director of Neghaheno institute


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