ALAQSA Storm Proved that the Resistance Decides for Palestine

Dr. Hassan Khrisheh discussed with Negaheno

Dr. Hassan Khrisheh discussed with Negaheno

Dr. Hassan Khrisheh second vice-president for Palestine legislative parliament by referring to the Al-AQSA Storm said: “The recent operation of the Hamas movement proved that it is the resistance and not the normalizers to decide for the fate of the people of Palestine.

According to Negaheno report, the military branch of Qassam group of Hamas launched an extensive military operation against the Zionist regime on October 7th, 2023 named the AL-AQSA storm in a response to the continuous attacks of the occupiers against the Palestinians.

Negaheno report held a dialogue with Dr. Hassan Khrisheh, second vice president for Palestine legislative parliament while the Al-AQSA storm operation achieved its unique field advancements in the defense level for the people of Palestine against the occupying regime entering its fifth day.
Dr. Hassan Khrisheh began explaining on the reasons for this attack and said that this trend and the changes that are occurring in the occupying regime show that the balance is moving towards the interests of Palestinian resistance groups.
In response to the question as to the reason for Hamas to launch the AL-AQSA Storm attack against the Zionist enemy he explained Hamas attempt was a message to the attacks and efforts of the Zionists that try to turn ALQODs mosque into a Jewish location and their constant attack to the people and women and also a message to those normalizers that Israel is unable to protect its army and its settlement areas and it cannot protect the normalizers whoever they might be.

He stressed that the normalization of relation with the Zionist regime is a crime and treason to Palestine and its people. He also added:
“Changes will occur in the rules of interactions in particular from the time Hamas has taken invasive stance in freeing the occupied lands.

Despite enduring criticisms and bullying for not actively taking part in Gaza operation it has managed to prepare, plan and camouflage for the AL-AQSA storm operation and has achieved its victory.

More important, it ended the legend of the supremacy of the Zionists and it proved in reality and in the field that Israel’s existence is weaker than the spider’s web.”

He continued: “While the Zionist enemy is continuing to target the civilians in a savage way and considering the intentional stance of the West towards Israel’s occupation and its agents and the Arabs failing to urgently putting the Zionists under pressure, the US and the EU have unveiled their masks. They have dispatched their aircraft carrier to the region and have opened their warehouses for delivering their arms to the Israelis and Netanyahu has threatened to use the US military forces and its marine force and Hamas has now turned into a rival for the occupiers despite its limited abilities.

He added: “But the situation will not remain like this: the resistance will win and will bear its fruits, its first one will be the end of Al-AQSA occupation and the freedom of the Palestinian prisoners and that the deciders on Palestine will be the people and the resistance group and not the normalizers with the Zionist regime.


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