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 The Equation in the Region is Undergoing Change / the Consequences of the  Al-Aqsa Storm for Tel Aviv

 The Equation in the Region is Undergoing Change / the Consequences of the   Al-Aqsa Storm for Tel Aviv

Dr. Miadeh Ibrahim Rozouq, Syria university professor and member of the International Society of Political Analysts and Experts in an interview with Negaheno said: “The change that is made by resistance has shown its competence in the change of power.”

According to Negaheno report, on the morning of Saturday, October 7, 2023, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, initiated a large-scale military operation against the Israeli regime in response to continuous attacks by occupying forces against Palestinians. This operation, named “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm,” comes after unprecedented achievements in the field of legitimate defense by the Palestinian people against the occupation of their land and sacred sites. As it enters its sixteenth day, “Negaheno conducted an interview with Dr. Miadeh Ibrahim Rozouq, a researcher, university professor, and member of the International Society of Political Analysts and Experts, to discuss the reasons for the start of the Palestinian resistance operation and the changes it will bring to the occupied Palestinian equations.

Dr. Rozouq discussed the reasons for commencing this extensive military operation against the Zionist regime, stating that it was a response to issues such as the apartheid policies, continuous aggressions by occupying forces, and the presence of a fascist and extremist Israeli cabinet consisting of extremely right-wing Zionists. These aggressions were part of a systematic program to Judaize Jerusalem, control it entirely, destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque, take control of the West banks, forcibly displace Palestinians from their homes and land, increase the number of settlers, burn and destroy villages and towns frequented by resistance fighters, continue administrative detentions in Israeli prisons, mistreat prisoners, including women, children, and girls, poison detainees, deprive them of water, air, food, medicine, and sunlight, and impose the most suffocating siege on the Gaza Strip.

While the normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime was proceeding toward a major geopolitical transformation, where the Israeli regime would take the lead in communication, security, and economic projects of the “New Middle East” based on the Shimon Peres project, this operation took place. This project was led by the Zionist regime and aimed to put an end to Arab-Israeli hostilities and bury the Palestinian cause.

This preemptive operation was in response to possible Israeli attacks.

Dr. Rozouq continued by saying that the timing and execution of this extensive military operation were coordinated at the highest levels of military commanders and resistance axis countries. According to Saleh Al-Arouri, the Deputy Head of the Political Office of Hamas, the Zionist regime had planned to attack Gaza immediately after the Jewish holidays to cleanse the resistance and expel Gaza’s inhabitants to the Sinai desert in Egypt as an alternative homeland. However, this operation preempted those intentions.

Dr. Rozouq analyzed the results and significance of the Palestinian resistance operation against the Zionist enemy, stating that “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” shattered the Israeli regime’s intelligence, technological, security, and military superiority. Simultaneously, it targeted both the United States and the Zionist regime and, with its destructive impact, halted President Biden’s projects, which aimed to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli occupation regime (Based on the statement of Mohammad Bin Salman Saudi crown prince, the normalization of relations is halted). Additionally, the economic corridor project of India-Middle East-Europe, where the Zionist regime was supposed to play a leading role in development and economic leadership, remained unfulfilled.

She emphasized that what will happen after “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” will not be the same as before, as the changes

م.ش: initiated by the resistance axis have proven their effectiveness in altering the balance of power. This operation did not only change the equation in Gaza but also exposed the true nature of the Zionist regime. As a result, it has terrified the regime and led President Biden to openly declare war against Hamas, Gaza, and any group trying to create parallel fronts. This has prompted the deployment of aircraft carriers to the eastern Mediterranean.

The stance of some of the Arab reactionaries

Discussing the dimensions of this battle, Dr. Rozouq pointed out that the Zionist regime is the steel arm and the most critical military base of the United States and its Western imperialist allies in the region. Any war resulting from the expansion of “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” and the opening of other fronts will lead to a change in the strategic outlook in Western Asia, weakening America’s presence and interests in the region, along with the shift of traditional American allies towards Iran, Russia, and China. Consequently, they are attempting to support the Zionist regime logistically, informationally, militarily, and security-wise to prevent its position from being undermined, ensuring the supremacy of Tel Aviv, and avoiding defeat in this battle.

Despite the war Syria has not abandoned Palestine

In spite of a difficult and dark decade for Syria and the burning war against it, one of the most critical reasons for Syria’s principled position on the Palestinian issue and its support for the resistance forces in Lebanon and occupied Palestine, Syria as, “the beating heart of the Arabs” never abandoned Palestine.

It continued to focus on the matter. By employing miraculous means and coordinating with other resistance axis parties, Syria ensured that its weaponry reached the occupied Palestinian territories. Simultaneously, Syria continued to support Palestinian resistance groups while collaborating with resistance axis parties.

The Israeli regime’s attack on Damascus and Aleppo airports aimed to threaten Syria and prevent the opening of the Golan front. However, this attack may lead to decisions to expand the regional war.


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