Syrian general speaking with Negaheho said:

Unity in the Battlefield is the Most Significant Achievement of Axis of resistance / the Rise of New Rules of Engagement

Unity in the Battlefield is the Most Significant Achievement of Axis of resistance / the Rise of New Rules of Engagement

Dr. Hasan Ahmad Hasan, a retired Syrian lieutenant general, spoke about the "Al-Aqsa Storm," calling it a real tsunami that weakened the strategic military capabilities of the Zionist regime .

and the most significant achievement of the Axis of Resistance was the consolidation of the concept of “unity in the battlefield” and “coordination and solidarity among the fronts.”

According to Negaheno report, on the morning of Sunday, October 7, 2023, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), initiated a large-scale military operation against the occupying Israeli regime in response to continuous attacks on Palestinians, called the “Al-Aqsa Storm.”

Due to the ongoing Al-Aqsa Storm operation and the unprecedented field achievements in the legitimate defense of Palestinian lands and holy sites against the occupying regime, Negaheno conducted an exclusive interview with retired Lieutenant General Hasan Ahmad Hasan. He also discussed the reasons for this conflict and its repercussions on the Zionist enemy at all levels. Here is the summary of this conversation:

Why did Hamas decide to attack the Zionist enemy at this moment?

There is no doubt that increased pressure leads to an explosion. Intensified challenges lead individuals who believe in their rights and have a strong sense of self-dignity to increase their level of responsibility for dealing with potential consequences and, to the best of their ability, reducing the risks and calamitous consequences.

Hamas’s action was a deep sense of a greater threat that would occur if they delayed the decision to initiate the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation. Anyone following the continuous Zionist aggressions knows that this trend is growing and ascending, reaching its peak under Netanyahu’s current leadership. This issue does not diminish the extent of violations and extremism of previous cabinets. However, the current Tel Aviv cabinet is the most extreme, insolent, and unscrupulous Israeli cabinet for a combination of internal and external reasons, which is now beyond review.

We have witnessed a fundamental change in the rules of engagement, especially since Hamas’s position in the aggressive recovery of occupied lands has become more aggressive. How does this affect the equation in the post-Al-Aqsa Storm phase?

What happens after the “Al Aqsa Storm” victory will never be the same as before because new rules of engagement have been applied. The brutal anger of the Zionists and the Western statements accepting and supporting this Israeli brutality are merely attempts to return to the rules of engagement that existed before the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation. In short, we can describe the result of the “Al-Aqsa Storm” as a “real tsunami” that weakened Israel’s strategic military capabilities and demolished the temple without any prior warning to those present within it. Here are a few points that the enemy cannot deny, including:

Achieving a complex and multi-faceted surprise:

Surprise in the timing of the “zero hour” operation

Surprise in the types of weapons used

Surprise in the adopted combat tactics

Surprise in the breadth and depth of the engagement front

In each of the above cases, it is worthwhile to conduct independent research studies.

Failed Imposition and Multifaceted Defeat of the Enemy

Intelligence failure, which is almost considered complete blindness regarding the reality of the situation.

Social failure and media failure.

Complete Failure of Identification

Field military failure: Attacking the main military headquarters and killing and capturing individuals inside.

Complete failure of identification despite satellites and monitoring, surveillance tools, escape, espionage, which the Israeli army boasted about.

Intelligence and electronic failure, which turned engineering fortifications and electronic barriers into solid, non-functional concrete masses, and cameras, rapid

م.ش: warning systems, and remote sensors into hanging dolls in the air with no benefit.

– With the Al-Aqsa Storm Operation Palestine resistance managed to fully achieve the predefined strategic targets and even within a few hours go beyond these targets; these include:

– Crossing the engineered fortifications and electronic wires by the relevant forces with the least damage

– Advancing into the occupied lands and taking full control over the settlements and centers

– Killing of a number of Israeli soldiers

– Captivating a large number of Zionist soldiers and settlers

– Access to light, middle and heavy arms

– Access to significant documents and their transfer under full security into the Gaza stri

Departure from Previous Rules of Engagement

Based on what has been mentioned above, it can be said that the “Al-Aqsa Storm” saga discarded the previous rules of engagement and applied new rules in the conflict, demonstrating that this regime’s army is weak, inexperienced, and lacks the necessary skills to deal with new developments. The main strength of this regime lies in its military weaponry, not in its officers and soldiers. This, in itself, can be a subject for research and application, teaching in military academies, and strategic research centers.

In a situation where the war continues, and the Zionist enemy continues its brutal attacks on civilians, the West hastily supports the Israeli occupiers. What is the reason for this, and why don’t we see a swift or delayed response from Arab countries to pressure the enemy regarding the targeting of civilians?

The reality is that the West, led by the hypocritical Americans, is on the same page. Anyone expecting anything less vicious, racist, and immoral than what has been announced should reevaluate their calculations and review their intellectual principles. Perhaps it is useful to recall the United States’ position in the October 1973 War, free from narrative and analytical studies, focusing on parts of an interview from last month with “Henry Kissinger,” the architect of U.S. policy, in the Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” and his statements regarding America’s role over the past 50 years.

He admitted to working closely with then-U.S. President Richard Nixon to provide direct support and essential services to “Israel.” “At the end of one of the days of the war, around noon on Monday, it became clear that the Egyptian and Syrian armies were making significant progress.

However, we decided from the very beginning to prevent the Arabs from winning because we considered it a victory for the Soviets. We were absolutely convinced that we would return the situation to its previous state, but by the end of the first day, it became clear that the invading armies had made extensive progress.”

Another issue that Kissinger focused on in this interview is related to the Americans’ surprise when they believed that the Israeli army would destroy the Syrian and Egyptian armies in a matter of hours. However, when the situation became clear and the dust of battle settled, he and his team were amazed at the achievements of the Arabs.

Possible Scenarios for Advancing Events

If we revisit the above points, it becomes clear that Washington today will make every effort to prevent the confirmation of any victory for Palestine, Arabs, or the Resistance against the Israeli regime. If in 1973 they considered any Arab victory a victory for the Soviet Union over Western countries, today they consider any victory for Palestine, Arabs, or the Resistance a victory for Iran over the United States and its allies. This may force them to set the region on fire if necessary, even if it does not serve their strategic interests.

Most Arab Countries Are on America’s Team

Regarding your question about the lack of any swift or delayed response from Arab countries, it must be noted that the reason for this lies in their incapability. Most Arab countries are role players on America’s team, and they do as they are told.

It is essential to understand that these countries are not independent in making national and sovereign decisions. What is presented in the media as opposition to America’s views and disobedience to its orders is merely a choreographed maneuver that the United States has arranged to showcase its power over countries bound by obedience to America. This may ultimately be used to strengthen its control and command over countries that are part of the circle of obedience to America.

What is your opinion about the role of resistance in case of extending the battlefield and the engagement of Syria and Iran in the war?

 Perhaps one of the most important achievements of the Axis of Resistance is the concept of unity in the battle field and integrity among the frontlines.

Anyone who follows the recent periodic visits of Iran’s foreign minister to Baghdad, Beirut and Syria and his meetings and statements in the press conference with the authorities and those involved with the resistance would firmly admit that this axis is not tight handed and is not restricted to the follow-up of the events. Rather it has preplanned roadmap and each side of the resistance have a role and responsibility to play with other sides with the aim of collaboration and forming synergy and maybe it is useless to talk ahead of the events, for the incidents are the best narrators themselves.


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