The Algerian researcher speaking with Negaheno said:

The Goals of Tel Aviv for Creating a Buffer Zone in Gaza/the Damaged Image of Israel Before the World

The Goals of Tel Aviv for Creating a Buffer Zone in Gaza/the Damaged Image of Israel Before the World

  Algerian researcher, Mohammad Abdul Ghadir Bukariteh Al-Hassani describing the goals of Tel Aviv in creating a buffer zone in Gaza said: “The image of the Zionist regime is destroyed within the public opinion.”

Speaking with Negaheno, the Algerian researcher in response to a question regarding the goal of Israel for creating a buffer zone in Gaza borders and the impacts and consequences of such idea said: “This is both an old and a new trick. The Zionist regime is stuck in a marshland and does not know what to do. It seems that the plans of the Zionist regime are going beyond this.

Earlier the plans were laid out in a way as to put the Palestinian people under pressure and to force them to leave their land.”

    “Based on the leaked news the idea of the buffer zone with an excuse to maintain security intends to penetrate into Gaza from 100 meters to around a kilometer and lengthwise to encompass around 45 km of Gaza. This means around 20% of Gaza and pushing more than half of the Palestinian citizens from their homes which in itself is another grave catastrophe for the Palestinians. This was the plan that was asked by Netanyahu from Israel’s minister of strategic affairs and he had asked for a plan to reduce the number of the inhabitants in Gaza.”

   He added: “No doubt this evil plan is only possible in two ways: either by forced displacement of all the Palestinians or killing all of them.”

 “Now we are in a situation that the Zionist military forces are perpetrating a massive genocide against the Palestinians and are forcing them to flock to the south from the northern areas though there are no safe place there and are targeting all the civilians with their airplanes and heavy artilleries and war ships.

    But with regards to holding a referendum in the occupied Palestine with the participation of all parties and establishing a Palestinian government and an end to what is called Israel, Dr. Bukariteh Al-Hassani said: “No Doubt this suggestion would never take place and the reason is simple for the results of such a referendum will be in the interest of the Islamic resistance in Palestine and this result will never be favored by the Zionist regime and the self- government of Palestine headed by Mahmoud Abbas and even the USA.”

            Genocide in the Gaza strip

              The Algerian researcher reminded: “The Zionist enemy has not attained any of its goals in Gaza. I would like to mention with full impartiality and without any prejudice that in my view the Zionist forces have attained none of their goals other than killing and genocide and a unique revenge war. The goals of the Zionist regime that was to achieve through mass killing in the Gaza strip was to destroy the Hamas movement and to liberate the prisoners, change the governing system in the Gaza strip and to allocate a dependent leader to the occupiers in the regime. These were the goals that they have failed to reach.”

               He continued: Despite the full US support and the coalition of the colonialists of the Zionist regime and despite all the destructions and killings Israel has not reached any of its goals.

              In the unequal wars when an army fails in its programs that army is defeated, therefore, it attempts to achieve though very little. The resistance of Palestine has proved that it has taken hold of the lead and is dominant over the situation for it has launched tens of rockets to Tel Aviv, Ashkelon and south of Al-Qods and the enemy has sustained a heavy loss and this is a clear sign that the Zionist regime will soon be defeated.”

              He further said: “The reports have shown that the US has realized that to force Netanyahu to accept defeat in the war is more simple than furthering clashes that has destroyed the image of this country before the entire world.”


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