Pakistan political activist speaking with Negaheno said: 

The Al-Aqsa Storm Proved Israel is Defeatable

The Al-Aqsa Storm Proved Israel is Defeatable

 Secretary General of Pakistan Ummat-ul- Wahid party and political activist believed that the Al-Aqsa Storm operation was an incredible and effective operation by the public opinion worldwide against the Zionist regime.

and said: “This operation was an affirmation over the annulment of the normalization plan of Arabs with the Zionist regime and it destroyed the fake power of this regime.”

Allameh Amin Shahidi speaking with Negaheno reporter referred to the reasons behind the operation of Al-Aqsa storm and the consequences of the operations conducted by Palestine resistance groups and stated: “ During the past seven decades the issue of Palestine has gone so far that the US and the Israelis were successful in compelling the Muslim countries in particular , the Arabs to accept and come into agreement with this regime and some of the leaders of these Arab countries were on the verge of officially and openly recognizing Israel.”

He further said: “Many efforts were made during the Trump administration for holding an agreement between the Arabs and the Zionist regime and as a result the UAE and some Arab countries opened their arms to Israel and even Saudi Arabia though did not officially recognize Israel but it strengthened relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

“Under such circumstances there was this possibility that if this trend was to continue the issue of Palestine would have been abandoned altogether and Palestinians would lose the support of people at regional and global level.”

 He added that there are differences of opinion between the Muslim people and the heads of state of some Islamic countries regarding the Palestinian nations and said: “Although the Muslim nations have their hearts beating for the Palestinian nation but you cannot expect the same from some of the heads of the Islamic and Arab states.

The secretary general of the Pakistan Ummat-ul- Wahid party described the Al-Aqsa storm operation an incredible and effective operation and reminded: “After the operation on October 7th by Hamas which was both unique in its own right for the past 7 decades and that it was one of the most effective actions in line with demanding the rights of the Palestinian nation, several truths were revealed before the world.

First, Israel’s fake power was demolished and the image of the regime was broken down and faced a great political, technological, arms, and defensive defeat and also it ruined the so- called powerful control of the Zionism over the areas that are under their occupation.”

He added: “Moreover, countries that were put under pressure of the Zionist regime from technological stance and this regime had forced these countries to fear, realized that what Hamas did has shown that Israel is no longer superior and is easily destructible”

Allamah Amin Shahidi reinstated: “Through this operation Hamas proved that Israel is defeatable and this is one of the great messages that the Al-Aqsa Storm conveyed to the world. On the other hand, the actions of the Zionist regime and its merciless killing of the civilians and the people of Gaza also conveys to the world how barbaric and criminal Israel is.

Referring to the increasing support of people and the rise in global solidarity with the people of Palestine in particular, after the incessant crimes perpetrated by the Zionist regime which has now entered its fourth month he said: “In the US and in Europe and even in the UK hundreds of thousands of people have come to the streets to show their hatred towards the Zionist regime and this huge wave of global support is the result of Hamas brave actions.”

The secretary general also by revealing the faces of those who claim to be supporters of Palestine resulting from the Al-Aqsa Storm operation reminded and said: “As a result of the operation the real images of those countries who claimed to be supporters of Palestine are revealed and their ugly image was shown to the entire world.”


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