Speaking with Negaheno Osameh Hamdan said:

Despite Media Facilities the Zionist Regime has Failed to Impose its Mindset on the World Opinion

Despite Media Facilities the Zionist Regime has Failed to Impose its Mindset on the World Opinion

 Senior member of Hamas movement Osama Hamdan, speaking with Negaheno referring to the fact that over 120 reporters have been martyred since October 7th has pointed that this indicates the importance of media’s mission in reflecting the realities of Gaza.

According to Negaheno report Osama Hamdan believes that the resistance media and in particular, the independent reporters have evolved and have become consistent in reflecting the realities of Palestine. Hamdan added:

 “With all the efforts made by the western and pro- Israeli media for showing a wrong image of the realities but this experience has failed.”

 Referring to the expulsion of many journalists within the western networks he said: “These people have been fired only for their independent stance and for defending a humane honor and status and this shows the volume of western double standard in its interaction with the human rights and freedom.” Osama Hamdan said that after the October 7th the real winners were those media that could bring the attention of the world public opinion with all types of views and geographical location towards them.”

This senior member of Hamas also said that today the status of the resistance media is in a better situation specially that besides military and political deterrence it has also reached a deterring stance in its media. Osama Hamdan said: “That is why, today the independent media is triumphant in the changes since the October 7th for it has managed to illustrate the realities of Palestine without the restrictions imposed by the Israeli and the pro-western media.” This senior member of Hamas said that as a result of resistance the amount and volume of independent media and those advocating the resistance have increased.

م.ش: d humanitarian aid to save the people of Gaza.

He called it quite natural that Hamas would not overlook the natural rights of the people of Palestine i.e., an end to the war and the lifting of the siege against the people of Gaza, for this would mean the continuous displacement and famine of the people. Moreover, Hamas holds the powerful pressure card of the Israeli prisoners and can attain its goals in this way.


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