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Low Voices on Ceasefire in Gaza: A Fake Optimism or a Real Opportunity?

Low Voices on Ceasefire in Gaza: A Fake Optimism or a Real Opportunity?

The Israeli media and US officials have called the recent dialogues in Paris on the framework of ceasefire in Gaza and the exchange of prisoners as positive, promising a good ending to the war on Gaza.

According to Negaheno report in the latest statement released by Washington on the ceasefire in Gaza the advisor to the US national security Jake Sullivan, has announced that Israel, The US, Egypt and Qatar have come into agreement on the general frameworks of agreement on the exchange of prisoners and an interim ceasefire in Gaza.

The Israeli media and the political circles of the Zionist regime also reported on the positive atmosphere over the negotiations and the possibility of having access to an agreement with Hamas with great progress and wrote that during the next few days Doha will host a meeting composed of representatives from both sides to discuss on the ceasefire. Last Friday Paris hosted representatives from the Zionist regime, Egypt, Qatar and the US to discuss on ways to agree over the exchange of prisoners and holding ceasefire in the Gaza strip. Earlier, Israel’s war cabinet had agreed to send a delegation from the regime headed by the MOSSAD Chief David Barnea to France.

But after the return of the Chief of MOSSAD to Tel Aviv the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu rebuked him and called for a tougher tone in the negotiations.
Later, Netanyahu said that it is still unclear that the negotiations would lead to agreement on the hostages and he personally emphasizes on operations against Rafah with the aim of destroying the remaining Hamas troops.

On the other hand, Hamas also believes that creating a positive atmosphere on ceasefire through Washington’s statements and Israeli media seem unrealistic and declared that Netanyahu continues to dodge replying on the most significant demands i.e. a halt over the invasion, full exit from Gaza and the return of those displaced to the northern parts of Gaza.

Egyptian international relations analyst, Iman Samir stressed on the positive climate over the negotiations and predicted holding of a third meeting in Paris on the ceasefire in Gaza.
He explained that in the first round of talks there were general agreements and the recent meeting focused on bridging the gaps and finding common grounds between Hamas and Israel and the Qatari and Egyptian mediation were quite successful in this regard.

But the director of Palestine political research program center, Khalil Shahin speaking with Al-Arabi television said that the recent statement made by Netanyahu is actually a reflection of the real stance of Tel Aviv that favors to continue the war and ground offensive in Rafah and to intensify tensions in other areas in Gaza and the West Bank.

He called the positive atmosphere regarding the end of the war in Gaza as fake which is with the goal of curbing Israel’s public opinion simultaneous to the widening scope of rallies against Tel Aviv cabinet and to draw it to other new Zionist social sectors.

Shahin linked the effort to develop a positive atmosphere within the Israeli media to the goal of preventing the widening of protests and the pressure caused by the international Hague court after South Africa’s complaint against Tel Aviv that incriminated it to genocide in Gaza.

Political analyst, Ahamd Al-Halileh also in analyzing the recent events said that Netanyahu is currently working on a dual attack against Hamas and the people of Palestine in particular, the people in the Gaza strip. From one side through superficial disclosures in the Israeli and even American media he is navigating a media invasion and from the other side, the military pressures against the Palestine resistance are intensified and continue to speak of an inevitable military invasion to Rafah.

Under such conditions Hamas has clearly announced that it has received no official paper from the mediators and continues to demand a halt on the invasion, the retreat of the Israelis from Gaza, reconstruction an
d humanitarian aid to save the people of Gaza.

He called it quite natural that Hamas would not overlook the natural rights of the people of Palestine i.e., an end to the war and the lifting of the siege against the people of Gaza, for this would mean the continuous displacement and famine of the people.

Moreover, Hamas holds the powerful pressure card of the Israeli prisoners and can attain its goals in this way.


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