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Netanyahu’s Cabinet Will Collapse with the Early Elections in the Zionist Regime

Netanyahu’s Cabinet Will Collapse with the Early Elections in the Zionist Regime

 Expert on the West Asia Affairs Mohammad Ali Senobari, speaking with the “Sobheno daily” referring to the possibility of the fall of Netanyahu’s cabinet said: “The holding of an early elections in the Zionist regime is not a new issue and has taken place several times during the war.”

 According to Negaheno report for this work to take place 61 individuals have to vote which considering the current arrangement of Israeli parties this will be farfetched for 64 persons of the present parties will accompany  Netanyahu.

Referring to the point that the early holding of the Knesset elections can be quite seemingly possible in the Israeli regime he further said: “This event will bring an enormous victory for the resistance and Palestine because with the early elections Netanyahu’s cabinet will collapse and a new cabinet will enter into force for making peace with the Palestinians.”

This expert on the Palestine issues added: “Since the beginning of the war this idea was offered by different members as an instrument for reaching their goals and to threaten Netanyahu with various excuses. For instance, Ben Gavin had threatened that if any agreement is to be made for ending the war, then he would leave the coalition.”

 This senior analyst on West Asia added: “Recently with regard to the end of the postponement timing for purchasable military service the cabinet has to make a decision on this issue as to whether those who purchased their service are exempt or they have to spend their service.

“This decision is under review by the war minister Galant and it has caused the parties to threaten to leave the coalition.” Senobari reminding the political blackmail by Netanyahu within the political field of the Israeli regime said: “This threat is more like a political pressure and the implementation of this decision is least likely to happen by Netanyahu at this time as it looks more like a political blackmail.”


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