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Behind the Scene of the US Plan for Building a Pier in the Gaza Coast

Behind the Scene of the US Plan for Building a Pier in the Gaza Coast

 The US claim of helping the Palestinian refugees sounds pathetic and beyond belief. How could a country that is the actual perpetrator of the killing and displacement of civilians claim to be helping Gaza?

According to Negaheno report if the US is really planning to help there are already 7 ground passageways, including the Rafah passageway; however, together with Israel they have already stopped the entry and transportation of humanitarian goods into Gaza through these ground passageways which is a much easier way to transfer aid than the sea corridor!

The US has already vetoed several ceasefire resolutions and has provided Israel with many missiles and bombs and is its main partner in the genocide in Gaza. Could anyone believe that by constructing a pier in Gaza it is trying to help them?

 Moreover, the crucial matter in the Gaza conflict is not dispatching aid, for this is a secondary issue, the first and foremost important thing is a ceasefire and stop in the killing of the innocent people!

 Biden is trying to pursue two objectives by this intension: 1) political legitimization, on the verge of the presidential elections in the US and 2) for security reasons so that by installing anti- missile sites increase Israel’s security level against the missiles of the resistance movement.

By; Hossain Hajji, international policies analyst


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