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Terrorist attack in Russia; Causes and outcomes/ The US or ISIS?

Terrorist attack in Russia; Causes and outcomes/ The US or ISIS?

The Crocus city hall terrorist attack in Russia that has led to injuring and killing of over 149 people is breaking news of the political events in the region and the world.

According to Negaheno report Moscow has witnessed many instances of such attacks one specially back in 2013 which was the peak of attacks in Russia.

Each and every terrorist attack took place under a particular political situation in the region which were certainly related to Russia’s stance as their goals were beyond sabotage. Although, there are no accurate data about yesterday’s terrorist attack so far but there are certain information and presumptions that it was more than just a sabotage attack.

Thus, when ISIS took responsibility of this terrorist attack Moscow disproved it as fabricated; in other words, it failed to accept that ISIS was responsible for such an attack.

Russia believes that by releasing such statements some are trying to hide the scene behind this attack or to minimize the handling of this attack to a defeated group such as ISIS. This is when ISIS continues to gain its profit through any terrorist opportunities.

But the role of the US and Israel is also suspicious. For example, one of the key members of the dominant Likud party in the Zionist regime Amir Weitmann speaking with Russia Today network last October clearly threatened the government of Russia.

Addressing the presenter of Russia Today network saying that you support the enemies of Israel had said: “Russia will pay the price after the end of war in Gaza”.

Replying to the presenter Weitmann had said: “Yes, Russia will pay the price and we will win in the war.”

 As a general conclusion it can be said that one of the main motivations of the perpetrators of this terrorist attack are due to the election of Putin as Russia’s president and its stance towards the changes in Gaza and the efforts of the political streams to transfer the scope of war in Gaza into Russia with the aim of diverting public opinion .


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