Adnan Mansour speaking with Negaheno said:

The Qods Day Is a New Equation/ Israel is Under a Regional Siege

The Qods Day Is a New Equation/ Israel is Under a Regional Siege

Former foreign minister of Lebanon believes that the current changes in the region show that the future policies and fields of the world nations can no longer be anticipated by political and security strength or even be able to change them like before.

According to Negaheno report former foreign minister of Lebanon, Adnan Mansour says despite all the efforts and use of might and military power supported by the US and European countries after more than 6 months Israel has failed to encounter a small group of Islamic resistance in Gaza.

Adnan Mansour added: “This is the very regime that defeated the Arab armies in 6 days and highlighted it as a great political and military pride.”

He continued: “The day dreamers of ‘From Nile to Euphrates’ are now under siege in a small area and have also imprisoned themselves with separation walls, cement blocks and the iron dome and financial supports from the Jewish agencies.”

The former foreign minister of Lebanon who was also missioned as ambassador of Lebanon to Tehran for some time, thinks that the world Qods day is not only a national and Islamic day but it is a new equation that would bring back the power and belief in the victory to the nations of the region.

Referring to Iran’s consulate that was targeted in Syria by the Zionist regime and also the terrorist attack that took place two days ago in Chahbhahar and Rusk, he anticipated that today will be a different day from those of the previous years.

He further said that to his belief this time Iran’s reaction will be much more different and will be in a different regional area but the time and location will depend on Iran’s military and political officials.


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