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/ An Analysis on the Current situation in the occupied lands and the region

/ An Analysis on the Current situation in the occupied lands and the region

Director of Negaheno strategic studies and future studies center, Mohammad Ali Senobari wrote: “I would like to illustrate the situation after the attack of the Zionist regime against Iran following the sincere promise operation.

According to Negaheno report this is not an anticipation or a for telling but it is an absolute future: If the Zionist regime would in any way attempt to repeat its mistake and in the least possible way target any parts of Iran with the wishful thinking that US F35s gifted to them would help them in that way, they will have to know that they will face an unprecedented historic event.
Iran will open the gates of hell for the Zionist regime with its super advanced and ultra -sonic missiles.Iran’s amazing attacks with hundreds of powerful ballistic and cruise missiles will plough the tiny occupied lands and other events will follow pursuit in the region.
The resistance extending from Yemen and Iraq to Syria and Lebanon will mobilize what they have and will launch an integrated and coordinated operation for turning the occupied lands in the promised hell.Around 2 million strong men who live in Gaza who have pressed down their wrath for the past seventh months will vehemently liberate it and would attack that anger by marching toward the occupied lands.
Moreover, around 3 million angry Palestinians will be added from the West bank.In the West bank too, the fedup Palestinians will rise and will bring what they have in their power for a collective movement. But this is not all. Within the 1948 lands many Palestinians by origin and some Jewish against the fake regime will also rise, this will be a general rise and a public revolution within the entire occupied lands against the fake regime. But that is not all!Many people in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and even in Syria will march towards the occupied lands on foot or by vehicles and the great resurrection will begin and an entire storm of anger and wrath will encounter the fake regime by the holy anger of the peoples.
The missiles will fall over the regime and would target the sensitive areas and the people will collect the corpses of these dirty creatures.So, would that not be a resurrection? Would there be any doubt over this event? But what just said will surely happen. For 75 years millions of freedom- seeking people are waiting for such a moment and we are getting close to this moment. The world without Israel will surely be a better world for our children. You will see and we will see


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