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Reasons for Israel’s defeat since October 7th

Reasons for Israel’s defeat since October 7th

Lebanese journalist and anchorwoman Fatemeh Shokri said: “The Zionist enemy has had no political or military gains since October 7th and the Al-Aqsa Storm operation.”

 She added: “Despite more than 7 months of Zionists attacks on the Gaza strip the enemy has not reached any of its goals that it has claimed.

“Israel has had no achievements in defeating Hamas despite the fact that its main goal was to defeat Hamas as an armed resistance group.

Up to this moment Israel has sustained great many losses; the southern front is also regarded as the main deterring front against Israel in particular that Hezbollah is playing a deterring role in the southern fronts through new methods and change of tactics.

“The back up fronts in Iraq and Yemen have also succeeded in working as a deterring obstacle against Israeli assaults.”

She also referred to the general protests across US universities and the world as very effective in politically isolating and socially defeating Israel and this shows that the issue of Palestine is not restricted to Arab and Islamic countries.


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