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Negahe no Online is an independent analytical news site that tries to reflect the realities and news events of Iran and the world that are in reality.

Negahe no is, in fact, a new look at the news realities of the world without the inductive purposes and media propaganda, but it considers the analysis behind the scenes of events.
Inverted concepts of regional and global developments are presented to the public, especially when searchable.
We believe that today the media, as the most important tool, plays an important role in creating, consolidating and leading the world, and managing the public mind.
Over the years, the monopoly of the Western media network has prevented it from presenting a true and accurate picture of the reality of the region and the world to a general and specific audience. This is especially true of developments related to the Muslim Ummah and the Arab world.

Our view in the field of media is an independent and professional view of reflecting reality, not purposeful facts and news.

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