Encamping outside The Syrian gates/ the Arab union requests Syria to rejoin the union

Encamping outside The Syrian gates/ the Arab union requests Syria to rejoin the union

۸Among the political and media communities of the global and regional countries it is less likely to find an outflow such as the Syrian crisis that since its beginning, the anticipating outcomes and evaluations drawn were based on realistic and correct factors.

The political events and armed protests in Syria and the events following pursuit that led to more than 250 terrorist groups joining them- the most important of which were ISIS and Al-Nosra-, led all governments and trends to believe that it was an end to Syria and Bashar Asad as the president of the country.

During that time, it was impossible for most to believe in the impact of resistance and steadfastness or better to say, there were no comprehension on the real political and surrounding events and power parity within the region from the resistance groups. In so far, that even some of the Islamic resistance groups in Palestine also made a blatantly wrong and somehow unforgivable evaluation.

Although these groups after several years admitted their mistakes and decided to move on a right track.
Hasty evaluations toward the changes in Syria, particularly during the early stages of the crisis turned many of the political trends and authorities from world countries to estimate wrongly and thus, compelled them to adopt inaccurate stances.

Even in Syria itself some of the public thinking believed what was happening then was an Arab upheaval and thus, some of the intellectuals and opposition groups joined this tumultuous wave.

Everything was to the benefit of the terrorist groups and ISIS was even nearing the presidency palace and the heart of Damascus in so far that it was rumored that Russians had recommended the Syrian president to escape for Russia!
It was at this point that most Arab countries summoned their ambassadors from Syria and even disagreed with Syria’s membership at the Arab Union.

A number of the Syrian authorities sought refuge in Arab countries with the same wrong evaluations.
This type of evaluation continued until the entire equation changed.
Firstly, that the occurring events that were called Arab upheaval was clearly realized to be a wrong and inaccurate description.

After all the Islamic resistance and the strategic role of Tehran in managing the Syrian changes besides the army and the people of the country, and raising a new awareness among the public views and their opponents led to the development of a new equation.
The Americans were exactly concerned about this equation since they were well aware that if Syria could safely withstand this crisis, it would be a different Syria and it would be even more powerful, meaning to say when they failed to cut off the arms of resistance, they would definitely fail to fight the root causes.

It was at this point that some of the Arab countries reached out their hands to Syria for reviving relationship and the Emiratis were the first to refresh their relations with Damascus.
After some while efforts failed to politically isolate Syria and a few days ago the foreign minister of Algeria visited Damascus to invite Syria to rejoin the Arab Union.

No doubt, just as the military and field efforts failed in Syria, their efforts also failed in politically isolating Syria and in the coming days we would be witnessing other countries encamping behind the gates of Syria.


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